Household Gold Non-Stick Soup Pot

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Household Gold Non-stick Soup Pot


1. A high-quality aluminum alloy that is healthy and safe.

2. It can be directly heated by an open flame and the electric ceramic stove.

3. Easy to clean, no rust

4. This manually crafted product features beautiful lines and is smooth and Beautiful



Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 14cm,16cm,18cm,20cm,22cm,24cm,26cm

Packing list:

High Borosilicate Glass Bowl

Additional information

Brand Name


Sheet Size



Aluminum Alloy


Soup & Stock Pots

Applicable Stove

General Use for Gas and Induction Cooker


Eco-Friendly, Stocked

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10 reviews for Household Gold Non-Stick Soup Pot

  1. K***w

    Finally, I bought a small pot with a very high value. It’s very large with 18 cm. It’s enough for 1-2 people to use. Cooking instant noodles can also make porridge. Bright gold pot I was conquered by this nominal value. Buyers are on the lookout.

    Chose: spoon

  2. n***a

    Our home has always used aluminum alloy pots, which are light, heat-resistant and easy to clean. This model fits right on the gas stove. Cooking ramen is great. It is also very convenient to clean after cooking. Logistics is also fast, and fragile items are also marked. Very attentive. Customer service attitude is also very good.

    Chose: chopsticks

  3. C***e

    I’m satisfied with this pot, the color is positive and the quality is good. There are pot holders and rags. Today, I cooked instant noodles, and the pan heats up quickly. The water will roll in a while. The bottom of the pan will not change color.

    Chose: chopsticks

  4. A***s

    The product was received and the packaging was very resistant. Take it out. It’s a very delicate pot. The color is also more like it. It’s used at night. The pot leads heat quickly. Very clean

    Chose: chopsticks

  5. E***a

    The pot is very beautiful, Juan Changkan. I bought an aluminum pan, which is very light but very hot. It quickly gives away heat. The cost of this instant noodles is very high. This is enough to cook two instant noodles.

    Chose: 16cm set

  6. m***n

    Haha, local gold is a very dazzling color, and I saw it at a glance. I chose 16 cm to cook the noodles perfectly, and heat transfer is fast. I feel better when I eat. I really like this pot.

    Chose: spoon

  7. T***

    The instant noodle pot is worth it! Chose local tyrant gold, good gloss! The bottom is designed to be heated evenly. The caliber and depth of this pot is just right for cooking noodles and can also be used as a bowl. The little ones don’t take up space, and it is convenient to make breakfast. The pan is light but heated. The noodles will be ready soon. Adding more water will not stick to the pan, and the packaging is good. Cleans well after eating

    Chose: spoon

  8. R***a

    Looks good, doesn’t look big, and the capacity is pretty big. The Golden Pot looks high. It’s been cooked once and used right after returning.

    Chose: chopsticks

  9. F***o

    A very exquisite pot, the color is also very pure and there is no difference in color. I cooked the noodles several times, it works well, heat transfer is fast and capacity is quite large. The key is that the price is very affordable

    Chose: chopsticks

  10. A***

    The instant noodle pot is so beautiful that it is better than a milk pan. The quality of the two packs of instant noodles is just non-stick and easy to use. It’s very convenient to cook something with this at home

    Chose: spoon

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